Broadcast TV Graphics

Alpha Sports Technologies / Broadcast TV Graphics


A key component of modern sports-technology services are realtime TV graphics and dynamic data distribution. We provide broadcast-grade custom designed realtime graphics packages based on each event’s specific structure. This can include:

  • Realtime Timing information
  • Realtime Scoring & Standings information
  • Realtime Bugs, Crawls & Tickers
  • Realtime Moderated Social Media feeds (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)
  • Realtime Distribution of Raw Data for remote CG processing (via XML etc)
  • Realtime Commentator Information Systems (CIS)
  • Custom Software Development for specialized applications
  • Any combination of live and static support graphics
  • 100% compatibility with fixed or mobile production facilities
  • 100% compatibility with modern digital standards (HD, 4k, IPTV, etc)
  • Minimal equipment footprint when integrating into production trucks or facilities

We also provide full production support for stadium/arena video screen networks via our Ross Xpression character generator platforms and custom software solutions.