NHL Timing & Graphics Partner Since 2007

Since 2007, Alpha has been the sole supplier of electronic timing, speed measurement, broadcast graphics, and results processing and distribution for the NHL Allstar Skills Competition as well as numerous individual NHL Team Skills events held throughout the year. Due to the incredibly fast-paced production environment of these live events, extreme precision and responsiveness are required on our part: working in collaboration with the league, teams, and/or their representatives, we provide highly agile solutions designed to instantly deliver real-time scoring information to broadcast, arena screens, and streaming services.

Services include:

  • Electronic timing and TV outputs for all timed events (Fastest Skater, Accuracy Shooting, Relays, etc.). Numerous timing formats are available, including dual-mode head-to-head timing, count-up, count-down, single skater with interval times and ranks, etc.
  • Instant speed measurement for Hardest Shot using multiple radars behind the boards (no on-ice equipment at all, no preparation time required)
  • Instant speed measurement for Hardest Shot via the NHL Oasis puck tracking system
  • Instant points-based scoring when timing or speed are not in use
  • Overall points calculations for Individual and/or Team-based events
  • Give us a call or drop us an email, and we'll be happy to provide more info!
A large display of speed is shown in the air.