Alpha Technologies started as a professional sports timing specialist and remains at the forefront of this highly specialized sector. Over the years, we have evolved into the TV end of things but never lost touch with what got us there... after all, it forms the core of our data-driven broadcast service. We can provide a reliable, state-of-the-art solution for virtually any timed or scored sport. We have experience in virtually every aspect of timing technology, including:

  • Electronic Timing & Scoring (cabled, wireless, transponders, long-distance over cellular networks)
  • Digital Photofinish (FinishLynx)
  • Timing & Scoring with TV graphics
  • Web & Streaming Solutions
  • Commentator Information Systems (CIS)
  • Raw Data Distribution for remote capture or manipulation (via UDP, XML, etc.)
  • Radar & Speed Trap systems (available with TV graphics)
  • Integration With NHL Oasis Live Puck Tracking

All our systems are fully integrated from the start gate to the finish line to the production switcher to provide accuracy and reliability to the client. With extensive experience in everything from Formula-1 motorsports to NHL Skills to bike racing to ski racing, there's not much we haven't provided solutions for.

Looking to purchase your own sports timing equipment? We manage Precision Timing International, one of North America's oldest equipment distributors, www.precisiontiming.com.

A hockey player sitting on the ice next to a scoreboard.